bind, a relaxing puzzle game inspired from Sokoban.

Controls: Arrows/WASD and R to restart, Enter to select.

Made in 24 hours during #GMTKJam 2021.

Music by karma ron, under CC BY 4.0

Please share your thoughts in the comments, or DM me on twitter @TheRockAbdo Thanks!


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Good job, it reminds me with Sokobond by Draknek and Friends ( and Herding Cats by Anna Anthropy (

I think having an undo feature will be amazing than just reset because sometimes you do a small accident that you want to undo it but not the whole play trace :) but overall good job for creating a nice atmosphere :)


I love this! It’s so simple yet fun. I’d love to play it on Steam or Android someday.


Nice! Minimalist, but very well well thought out all around and fits the theme. And some elegant polish touches like the tutorial through game play and screen shake when running in to a wall. And a decent number of levels. Used time spent efficiently!