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fun game! made me laugh!

Neat concept, though the art could be improved. I found "triple take" quite difficult.  Also the level doesn't restart if a big belly enemy eats the bullet and there are still unkilled enemies. It would be nice if the shooter's position didn't reset when restarting. I managed to get to the level "long one".

I always loved your games. specially the puzzle design of this game  is so genius!!
The game is so  addictive, i wish to see it on the store <3 

Great Job ya BOSS

Thanks Yousuf! <3 I really appreciate it

It's very addictive and the amount of content is amazing with respect to only 24 hours! Keep it up :D

Thanks Alaa :"D

Very fun gameplay and level design! Also really liked different types of enemies, it was interesting to see their quirks. The only thing the game lacks I think, is sounds and music.

Thanks ^=^.. I really appreciate your feedback!

The game freezed at "Big belly eats" level I guess? Or it is intended I don't know. :"D

But I really like the idea,  and gameplay! Great work! Keep developing it I think it can turn easily into another addictive mobile game :D

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Same here :(


Many Thanks Omar! ^=^

@fireGreeks As for big belly eats level, for now.. you can use R key to restart. Sorry for that, I forgot to state losing once enemy still there ~=~